Cenotaph for my Shadow is a body of sculptural and photographic works that addresses and visualizes the prevailing sense of disconnection I feel towards my self and the world, my inability to grasp and comprehend the I, and at the same time, my fear of the loss of it. This project aims, through various strategies and in mixed media, at the depiction, an expression, and manifestation of my Cartesian self despite the representational dilemmas of lens based media. I explore the need that drove Roland Barthes, amongst others, towards an ontological questioning of the photographic medium: “What Barthes wants is a rescue of his profound self through the solid evidence of photography”. So do I.

Cenotaph for my Shadow, 2014
Installation view, select works

"Jean Bettingen presents sculptural and photographic works that seek to visualize and thereby rescue the self through the evidence of photography. Each work is a self-portrait, but Bettingen's fanciful experiments with photographic materials suggest the futility of self-representation, and by implication, self-knowledge."
Bonnie Yochelson, curator


Negative Dimension, 2014
Thermoplastic, glass, acrylic


5 Hours, 2013
exposed but undeveloped film sheet, light-tight bag, black cardboard box


Autopoiesis, 2013
wet-plate collodion, 2-way mirrors, digital projector, acrylic, vinyl


Noise, 2014
Digital projector, acrylic, vellum


Oscillations, 2014


Scrying, 2014
pigmented inkjet print, 40'' x 32''


Distillations n.2, 2014
un-fixed liquid photographic emulsion, acrylic


Sisyphus, 2014
recorded and edited performace (2'54'')


Imprint, 2012
pigmented inkjet print


Distillations n.1, 2013
liquid photographic emulsion (exposed to digital projections), glass vials